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Bedroom Separation - Zero Waste Box™

Product image 1Bedroom Separation - Zero Waste Box™
Product image 2Bedroom Separation - Zero Waste Box™

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Use this box to recycle non-organic waste generated in your bedroom that does not have a municipal recycling solution. This includes:

  • Baby gear
  • Books and magazines
  • Eyewear
  • Jewelry
  • Cleaning accessories
  • Fabrics and clothing
  • Interior home furnishings
  • Luggage and travel bags
  • Paper packaging
  • Personal care accessories
  • Pet products (non-food)
  • Plastic packaging
  • Shoes
  • Media storage
  • Toys

    How It Works

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    1. Order: Select a Zero Waste Box system and place your order.
    2. Collect: Collect the accepted items to fill the system.
    3. Ship: Send it back to TerraCycle with the prepaid return label on your system.* 
    4. Reorder: Order your next Zero Waste Box system to continue to recycle everything.

    What’s Included?

    • One Zero Waste Box
    • One prepaid return label, affixed to your box
    • Processing and recycling of the materials
    • Customer support from our team of experts

    Learn more about how the Zero Waste Box system works to recycle everything.

    Important Shipping Restrictions

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    For the Zero Waste Box system to work effectively and safely, please follow these simple shipping guidelines on how and what you can ship back to TerraCycle:

    1. Only send in items this system accepts. Sending in items that fall outside the selected category causes contamination and the need for added separation, which increases costs.
    2. Do not send in household items that may be considered hazardous waste. These include items such as batteries, lithium-ion batteries, pressurized canisters (including aerosols), pesticides, oil-based paint or medical sharps, organics, broken glass, biomedical waste, soiled diapers, or expired medication.Do not send in anything sharp, flammable, reactive, corrosive, ignitable, radioactive, toxic, infectious, or pathogenic.
    3. Do not ship dripping packages. Please make sure all excess product has been removed before putting it in your Zero Waste Box. If you choose to rinse your items, please note that the system must be completely dry prior to shipping.

    IMPORTANT: Please note maximum box weight is 20 KG, to meet Australia Post shipping requirements.

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