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What is a Zero Waste Box™?

A Zero Waste Box is a complete and convenient solution which includes the storage, shipping and recycling of a particular type of waste that isn’t currently recycled through local councils or traditional recycling facilities.

We can recycle almost anything, from coffee capsules to bottle caps, to blister packs and the entire contents of your office stationary cupboard. Zero Waste Box is an all-inclusive solution developed by award-winning waste experts at TerraCycle®. The recycling boxes are easy to set up and use, making it the perfect option for households, schools, businesses, manufacturing and events facilities looking to increase their sustainable practices.


How it works

Order: Select the Zero Waste Box based on what you would like to recycle.
Fill: Fill your box with the accepted waste.
Ship: Send it back to TerraCycle by dropping your Zero Waste Box off at your nearest Post Office! Boxes ship free with a prepaid return label.
Reorder: Order your next Zero Waste Box to continue to recycle everything.


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