Pricing Adjustment 2021

Due to a change in operating, processing and recycling cost the price of select Zero Waste Boxes will be adjusted effective 1 September 2021.

The pricing of the boxes consists of the physical box, return shipping, processing and recycling of the waste. The sorting, processing and recycling of the waste is the largest cost driver to the box pricing and these costs are adjusted from time to time based on changes to the recycling process and compliance (for example, how much time is needed to sort the items, including those that should not be included in the boxes).

We try to avoid price adjustments as much as possible, however we do receive shipping and recycling increases annually which are hard to absorb as our programs grow. We’re committed to limiting price increases to no more than once per year and do our best to keep them as minimal as we possibly can. TerraCycle has not increased its Zero Waste Box prices since 2019.

Our Business Development Team is diligently working on reaching out to retailers, brands and other large companies to help subsidise or offset the cost to the consumer for responsibly recycling these items.

For further assistance please contact .

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